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Natalie's Family | Photo by Emma Emery

Founded in 2016, Natalie Rebecca Design is a woman-owned small business committed to making high quality, thoughtfully designed planner products for women. We truly understand the struggles faced by many women today-- whether you're a college student, a stay at home mom, or a corporate executive-- life is full of things to do and people to take care of. We know because we are right there with you! 

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Our founder, Natalie Rebecca Holm, "accidentally" started her business one day when she went to pick up her son, Jeremiah, from kindergarten. As Jeremiah climbed in the back seat he said, "Mom, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is- I did GREAT in my school play today. The bad news is... you and dad missed it!"  

Whoops. Talk about an epic #momfail. 

That was Natalie's wake up call-- what she was doing to stay organized wasn't working. All the post-it notes and scraps of paper she was using for lists and reminders wasn't cutting it. She had tried using her phone as a calendar but it wasn't working either. She needed a better system. She needed a system for juggling all the things it takes to keep life running smoothly.

That night, after the kids were in bed, Natalie went online and ordered a paper planner. Soon after, she began designing additional pages to add to her calendar to help her keep up with grocery shopping and her family's budget. She shared some of her designs in a Facebook group and was overwhelmed by the response of other women asking how they could get pages like hers. Quickly realizing she wasn't the only wife/mom/teacher/friend who couldn't keep her act together without some serious help, Natalie began selling her designs and the rest is history!

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Natalie deeply believes in the power of small things to make a big difference. Something seemingly insignificant, like a beautiful calendar printed on really nice paper, can actually make a huge difference in your daily life. She believes it because she has seen it in her own life and in the lives of her customers. 

Natalie also believes in the power of intentionality-- the idea that it's not just "what" we do that counts, but "why" and "how" we do it matters, too. 

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At Natalie Rebecca Design, we make high quality, thoughtfully designed organizational products for women, because we know it's impossible to do all the things in life we need to do without some serious help.

We proudly design our products with a particular person in mind. You know her. She's the one busy taking care of all the people in her life- her children, her parents, her students, her friends. We make products to help take care of her. We do this by designing pages that are practical and helpful for her needs, while also being made out of premium materials that are a delight to use.

We have a heart for creating products that help women navigate all their roles and responsibilities in a way that encourages and affirms them. But we know that this desire to make a meaningful difference only works if we really live it.

And so, as we strive to make products that delight our customers, these are some small ways we've chosen to make a big difference:

Our products are made for women, by women; our team is made up of working moms who know what it means to do all the things.

Our products are made entirely in the USA, either in house or by locally sourced suppliers.

Our business headquarters and production facility has dedicated space for staff children; this lets our kids see their moms engaging in meaningful work while also sharing some of the childcare burden that often keeps women from re-entering the workforce after having children.

As we grow and look toward the future, we count it a sincere privilege to do what we love. It is the highest compliment when people purchase our products and use them on a daily basis. So, thank you. Thank you for your support and here's to making a big difference by intentionally caring about small things

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Natalie Rebecca Design Team | Photo by Emma Emery