Oct 29th 2020

Simple Dots. Like their name indicates, these are perhaps the simplest pages we offer at Natalie Rebecca Design, but they’re packed with possibilities! What we love most about these basic sheets is how convenient it is to use them for a variety of purposes--both for fun and for necessity.


While many of the inserts we sell can be tailored to fit personal needs, dots pages are completely flexible and versatile.

  • Bullet Journal→ Bullet journals can be used in a variety of ways to keep track of just about anything. Part diary, part to do list, part schedule keeper, this type of journal is often an artistic take on a typical planner and can be customized any way that works for you. Simple Dots are a perfect way to create this style of journal to add to your planner.
  • Lists and Notes→ While we sell pages dedicated to notes and ideas, to do lists, or weekly tasks, some people prefer the undesignated feel of a Dots page to make lists or jot down reminders. Taking a trip? Use a Dots page to create a packing list or make notes about places you want to visit. Planning a party? Use a Dots page to make a list of invitees and things to buy before the gathering. Considering home improvement? Use a Dots page to jot down ideas and potential worker contacts.
  • Bible Study→ Jotting down notes or reflections during quiet times, devotions, or Bible studies is easy to do on Dots pages. You can also move them around in your planner to keep track of what you’ve learned or who’s been on your mind.
  • Recipes→ It’s easy to have all the space you need for ingredients and recipe instructions, no matter what type of dish or dessert you’re planning to conquer. With pages that are easy to press in or pull out, it’s also simple to organize your recipes to your liking.


Don’t let the simplicity of Dots pages make you think they can’t find a place in a professional setting!

  • Meeting minutes→ Jot down notes, timelines, finance details, or sketches as you keep track of important information during any type of meeting.
  • Observations→ In charge of employee observations? Simple Dots are perfect to pop into your weekly calendar section next to the scheduled observation day to take note of an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals.
  • Time Sheet→ While there are many options for keeping track of work hours, their set structure may not fit your personal needs. You may need less structure and more versatility, which Simple Dots provides.


Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a parent, Simple Dots inserts can help you tackle a variety of educational needs.

  • Students→ Simple Dots pages are a convenient way to stay on top of your classes. They can be used to take notes during class, to write down reflections during assigned readings, to create a set of goals you want to accomplish, and more.
  • Teachers→ Similar to students, teachers can use Simple Dots pages in a variety of ways, from jotting down reminders during class, to planning for lessons, to taking notes during presentations--the options are endless.
  • Parents→ Especially now during these unique times, parents are finding themselves even more involved with their children’s education. Dots pages can be used during teacher conferences, while attending virtual school presentations, or even when trying to muddle through math homework problems!

Creative Enjoyment

Simple Dots inserts can be used in a variety of practical ways. But perhaps their most unique use is just for pure fun and enjoyment!

  • Doodling and Drawing→ Stuck in carpool? Trying to stay focused in a meeting? Feeling artsy? Simple Dots pages are essentially blank canvases. It doesn’t matter how talented you are or how many colored pens you own. Draw, color, doodle, or sketch until your heart’s content.
  • Kids→ Kids always love blank paper! Simple Dots pages are the ideal solution for kids who are bored on car trips or waiting for their meals at restaurants. Tic-Tac-Toe games, hangman challenges, and original mazes are all awaiting their turn.

We’re guessing the crisper weather and pumpkin spice everything has you craving the simplicity and freshness of some new, versatile Simple Dots pages to add to your Natalie Rebecca Design planner!