​Looking Ahead

Mar 14th 2022

A familiar adage states, “Looking back gives you regrets. Looking ahead gives you opportunities.” Aptly named, our Looking Ahead pages help you set a vision for the week or month that’s ahead of you. By mindfully preparing for and focusing your energy on what’s ahead, you can better seize the opportunities before you. These inserts, which come in all four of our font styles, can benefit a variety of people and situations—teachers and students, working professionals, busy parents, retirees, and more.

Each Looking Ahead page comes printed with seven different sections on the front and a place for general notes and ideas on the back.

Looking Ahead

  • Month

At the top of each insert is a place to write the month you’re Looking Ahead at. When used as a monthly insert, this set of 25 pages will last you a full two years. However, you can also use these on a weekly basis for specific goals and outcomes you’re looking to accomplish within each set of seven days. For example, you could have March 1, March 2, March 3, and March 4 in the Month section. Used in this way, one set will last you six months.

  • Focus

The focus section is where you can decide what you want to be mindful about for the month or week ahead. You might choose to write a quote, an inspirational idea, or a verse in that section to serve as your vision statement for the days ahead. You could also jot down the broad tasks you’re aiming to complete or an overall theme for the month/week. Regardless, this Focus section lays the foundation for the priorities you have for yourself.

  • Goals

Whereas the focus for your month or week is a more general idea, the goals section is an opportunity to write down the measurable achievements you’re aiming for. This might be health-based (protein intake, water consumption, hours of sleep, steps per day, etc.) or interpersonal (phone calls to friends/family, social plans, etc.), work-related (finishing a project, prepping for a meeting, grading papers, etc.), financially-based (paying off one credit card, saving a portion of a paycheck, donating to a worthy cause, etc.), or more.

  • Get Ready For

This section of the Looking Ahead insert is a great place to list out specific tasks you’re working towards, along with the steps you need to take to get there. Perhaps you have a race or competition you’re preparing for, a house project you’re trying to complete, a work presentation you’re giving, or a school test you’re needing to prepare for. Anything you want to specifically plan for in a given month or week can be added to this section.

  • Birthdays (and more!)

Everyone loves to feel celebrated! In the Birthdays area you can remember to do just that by writing down birthdays for friends and family members. However, as with all our inserts, you can also make it fit your own needs by using this section for any important celebrations. Anniversaries, promotions, graduations, retirements, new babies born, or anything else worthy of cheer can be noted in this section.

  • Important Dates

This section is perfect for reminders that fall on a specific date. Big exams, tests, and quizzes. Work deadlines. Important meetings. Work travel. Sporting events. Vacation plans. And more!

  • Don’t Forget

In this final section you can write down reminders for yourself. This might be a rephrasing of your vision, a statement of mindfulness, or things you think of during one month/week that you want to add to the following Looking Ahead page you create.

The bottom line is, you can’t achieve that which you don’t envision, plan for, and work at. Let our Looking Ahead pages help you do just that!