​Which Calendar is Right for You?

Jan 3rd 2021

One of the biggest changes at Natalie Rebecca Design this past year was the addition of more calendar options. Like all our inserts, the variety of choices for calendars is a purposeful decision to allow customers to choose which styles and options best fit their needs. But with options sometimes comes confusion! So we’re dedicating this blog to calendars to help better explain the similarities and differences between our various formats and styles.


The two main categories of calendars are Monthly and Weekly. Weekly calendars have a variety of layout options to choose from, which are described in more detail below.


Monthly calendars don’t need a whole lot of explanation. As their name indicates, these calendars contain a series of square boxes that provide a landscape view of each month. Monthly calendars are excellent for displaying a big-picture view of a month. They are useful for tracking non-recurring appointments and events, family vacation dates, or occasional changes in a typical weekly schedule. As an option, you could pair a monthly calendar with a This Week insert to help track more specific tasks or events on a busy week!


Weekly calendars all come with a monthly-view calendar as well as a set of pages for each week in the month. Weekly calendars come in two layouts: Horizontal or Vertical.

Weekly Horizontal

Horizontal calendars are set up similar to a traditional agenda-view calendar. Each week starts on Monday and has five larger horizontal rectangular boxes for the five weekdays, along with two smaller boxes at the end for Saturday and Sunday. This versatile calendar provides plenty of space to write in for each day and can be used to list appointments, events, tasks to complete, etc. It is often a staple for students and is a user-friendly style of calendars for many people.

Weekly Vertical

Vertical calendars all start on a Sunday and have seven vertical columns - one for each day of the week. The style of these columns varies depending on the vertical format of the calendar: regular, lined, or hourly.

Regular Vertical Calendars divide each day’s column into three vertical boxes. You can purpose these in any way you want. They lend themselves nicely to dividing up each day’s schedule into morning, afternoon, and evening. You can also jot appointments in the top box, a simple task or to-do list in the second box, and reminders or notes in the third box. Like the horizontal calendar, the space for each day is very customizable to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Vertical Lined Calendars provide a lined column for each day, almost like having a mini-notebook space to write down tasks, events, appointments, reminders, etc. This style of calendar could also be used to jot down small reflections or quotes, almost like a daily inspiration journal. 

*Hourly Vertical Calendars have times from 7 AM to 9 PM written in with a few lines provided under each hourly slot. This version of calendar is especially helpful for those who need a more detailed schedule for each day - perhaps a business person with client meetings or appointments that change daily. Families with busy schedules can also benefit from the hourly increments of this calendar.


With a new year on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to organize your days and months with a customizable planner. Regardless of your lifestyle or the reason you need a calendar, Natalie Rebecca Design has an option for you!