Oct 14th 2021

Let’s talk about dividers...because nothing helps keep the ins and outs of your planner organized like a sturdy set of dividers!MONTHLY DIVIDERSOur monthly dividers (set of twelve) come in 11-disc, 9- … read more

​Notebook Sets

Aug 26th 2021

It’s back to school time, so the notion of “notebooks” is likely present in many of our minds right now. What type of feeling does a crisp clean spiral notebook evoke in you? Do you buy composition no … read more

​For YOU, Our Teachers

Jul 29th 2021

FUN FACT: Natalie Rebecca Design was started by a teacher, and most of its employees are current or former teachers as well! Like you other teachers out there, we all have stories of helping a studen … read more

​A Perpetual Planner

Jun 21st 2021

Does this sound familiar? Each year you trek over to your local office supply store, choose a calendar, add in your appointments, trips, and celebrations—and when the year’s over, you toss that one, b … read more

Expense Tracker - Not Just for Spending

May 26th 2021

When you think of an expense tracker, your mind likely thinks back to the days when you’d write checks for almost everything and keep track of those expenses on the ledger. Now our expense trackers … read more