Controlling the Clutter: Part 1 - Kids’ Stuff

Nov 19th 2021

Clutter. It’s everywhere. Granted, it’s one thing if you have a little too much stuff here and there. It’s a whole other thing if your living space looks more like a thrift store than a home.Clutter m … read more


Oct 14th 2021

Let’s talk about dividers...because nothing helps keep the ins and outs of your planner organized like a sturdy set of dividers!MONTHLY DIVIDERSOur monthly dividers (set of twelve) come in 11-disc, 9- … read more

​Notebook Sets

Aug 26th 2021

It’s back to school time, so the notion of “notebooks” is likely present in many of our minds right now. What type of feeling does a crisp clean spiral notebook evoke in you? Do you buy composition no … read more